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“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.”
-Benjamin Franklin-

No we are not talking about ‘little expenses’ but your Mortgage or your Home Loan which for most people is the biggest expense of their life.

To make it more confusing, there is a glut of loan providers in the market – Banks, Credit Unions, Brokers, Accountants, Planners and Advisers – each looking for your business and each claiming to be the best. And on top of that there are thousands of products to choose from.

And that is exactly what we do for you here at Skillful Financial Services.

Our Principal, Manoj Rai has been working in the Australian banking/finance industry for nearly 15 years. Of these 15 years, 7 years has purely been in the consumer and business lending. He is well versed with all aspects of lending, the key strength being his ability to “structure” the loans efficiently.

For you this means – timely approvals, timely settlements, cost/money-saving and the ability to have a loan that is going to be tailor-made to your personal needs and requirements.

Apart from the minimum education required for a finance broker, Manoj is a Bachelor of Economics, has a MBA in International Business and is a Masters in NLP. In addition, he has a long and varied life/work experience. All these additional achievements certainly stand him above his peers.